Gota Patti - A Remarkable Embroidery in Lakhnavi Chikankari Kurti

Rich in sparkling embroidery designs, Lucknowi Chikankari is an incredible ethnic embroidery style that every woman loves to have in their attire, especially in Kurtis. Out of nearly 40 stitch styles, Gota Patti has remarkable traces of embroidery work in the Lakhnavi Chikankari Kurti that describes the legacy of royal culture and lifestyle during the reign of the Mughals.

This heritage craft from Lucknow has a unique potential to redefine the ethnicity of Indian culture all over the world, especially in South Asia, through its expert craftsmanship and stitching technique.

What is Gota Patti Work?

It can be better to describe Gota Patti through two words- Gota and Patti.

Gota is lace or a ribbon made of various fabrics like cotton, rayon, and georgette that has inspiring spellbound motifs of flora and fauna from nature.

Patti means the art method of using the ribbon or Gota over the fabric in the embroidery process.

How is Gota Patti done?

Gota Patti is intricate and time-consuming while embedding the art in a piece of fabric.

In the beginning, Artisans tie the fabric to a wooden frame to hold it tightly while using embroidery work.

They use chalk powder to draw motif traces like leaves, animals, or flowers according to the design to put in the fabric.

Further, they use Gota or ribbon with design patterns of thread over it. They place it on the fabric to give various shapes that resemble the art of flora, fauna, animals, or royal patterns from the Mughal culture.

Materials and Accessories used in making Gota Patti design

Fabric quality is a vital factor in making Gota Patti’s design because it needs different stitching techniques to embed the art in the ribbon and the cloth over which they place the ribbon.

For ribbon-making purposes, cotton and georgette are the best quality fabric.

As this art requires metal yarn for the stitching method, the warp should be strong enough so that the weft will not disturb the strength of the fabric while embroidery work.

Artisans use high-quality threads while placing the arts over the ribbons like copper, replacing gold and silver to manage cost-efficiency in the overall cost of the embroidery process.

Earlier Use of Gold and Silver was a mark of authenticity in the Gota Patti work, causing a high margin in the price segment of the apparel market. This cause led to a setback for customers to buy the clothes as it was expensive to add them to their closet.

To regain the customer towards Gota Patti work with a low-price range, artisans choose copper with a silver coat as the best alternative to the expensive metal yarn for stitching and embroidery work.

How Gota Patti is a remarkable embroidery in Lakhnavi Chikankari Kurti?

Gota Patti requires high skill craftsmanship with an arduous effort to highlight the lively work of embroidery in clothing.

Not all artisans can possess this crafting skill to fit the Gota work in the fabric. They require quality training so that the art will add value to the fashion embedded in the attire.

Kurtis is the evergreen apparel women love to wear in casual and festive events. They love to show their beauty through adorable impressions at party functions. A Kurti with beautiful embellishing art can fulfill their wish when people notice the charm of the attire in the crowd.

Gota Patti is the perfect embroidery work for the hemming work in Kurti through shining metallic filaments and gorgeous motifs that add a royal look to your personality.

Use of Gota Patti art in other garments except in Lakhnavi Chikankari Kurti

Due to the quality of Zari work with attractive handcrafting style, artisans love adopting this embroidery to garnish the beauty of various apparel categories like Lehenga, Ghaghara, Sarees, Dupatta, Salwar, and in other accessories of daily use products like cushion covers and bedsheets.

Apart from these, Gota Patti’s work is the most desirable embroidery work in bridal attire due to its royal art embellishment with Zari work over the lace through golden and silver coat filaments.

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Gota Patti’s design in Lakhnavi Chikankari Kurti adds a flavor of royalty to the apparel, especially for marriages and festive events. It gives a voluminous look to the ensemble with dazzling embroidery works and traces of traditional handicrafts that make this art design more demanding among fashion designers and ethnic clothing fanatics.

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